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Heart of the Mighty Himalayas

Holidaying in the Heart of the Mighty Himalayas

The Himalayan Mountains is a well-known tourist destination. The “abode of the snow,” as some people fondly call it, is known for the parallel mountain ranges. With high peaks and breathtaking scenery, it’s home to the rich culture of the indigenous Himalayan population. The Termalinca embodies everything available in the locality and provides you with a fulfilling experience.

About Us

We delight in offering tourists a fantastic Himalayan experience. From the views to the cozy comfort of our facilities, we ensure that we take good care of our customers. Our lush environment and excellent services will make you want to turn your vacation into a permanent living arrangement.

The attentive staff work around the clock to ensure that all customers are happy and satisfied. Our grounds are safe for walks even at night because of the beautiful nightlights. 

Stunning View

Relaxation Spots

The gardens on the property have beautiful landscapes with stunning arrangements. Gazebos with intricate designs and large outdoor pools also add to the luxurious feel of the environment. These places have lightings that possess ultimate aesthetic appeal with great spots for taking

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Our Services

Our Services

Terma Linca Offers And Services   Bar and Restaurant In our restaurant, we have various dining options that enable you to enjoy intercontinental dishes. The ambiance is such that it allows for...



Terma Linca Parlor   The parlor sports an ultra-modern design while maintaining the integrity of the mountain feel. Free Wi-Fi is available for all our guests to cater to internet needs during...

Our Luxurious Spa

Our Luxurious Spa

Terma Linca Our Luxurious Spa   Termalinca's interest is towards your overall wellness and satisfaction. That's why our spa offers world-class massages, beauty treatments with homemade...

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