Traditional Hot Stone Bath

Enjoy the truly traditional experience of our specialized hot stone bath, prepared personally for each guest using a variety of seasonal herbs. Selected river stones are heated over the fire and gently placed in the large wooden tub, heating the water and releasing important minerals that help loosen joints, release muscular tension and invoke a profound sense of relaxation.

Local Khempa (hemp) oil is also added to further enhance the relaxing and healing effects. Bhutanese bathers may sit for hours in the bath but for first timers it is recommended that fifteen minutes is a good starting point. Baths are big enough to comfortably accommodate 3 – 4 guests and so there is always the option of sharing with family or friends.

All hot stone baths are prepare upon request so we do ask for at least two hours notice. Alternatively you can let us know in the morning and we will ensure that your personal bath is ready for you after a long day of sightseeing or trekking.


Hot Stone Bath