Can you imagine telling people who ask that you were married on top of the world, as close to nature and the vast expanses above as it is possible to be.
Here at Terma Linca we can make the dream of an unforgettable wedding come true. Smiling faces, the majesty of the location and the warmth of the people will surround guests. This will undoubtedly be the ideal combination to bring a tear to the driest eye on your special day.

Bhutan has enchanted many visitors with its old word and unspoiled charm. The perfect blend of an ancient Kingdom and a land of myths and legends that are still alive today in daily culture and preserved traditions.  Many have travelled to Bhutan to celebrate this most special day, the joining of two lives in the presence of mother natures finest creation.

Terma Linca resort and spa can offer a number of wedding package options including both indoor and outdoor spaces, a selection of dining options and of course luxurious accommodation for guests.

We were honoured to host our very first international wedding in April 2013 and since that day we have hosted many more; we will be delighted to help you arrange yours.

For more details on organizing your wedding at Terma Linca Resort and Spa please contact our reservation and sales team on